Events & Exhibits

Back to the Land: The Birth of Humboldt County's Counterculture

Exhibit: May 19th through October 31st

This exhibit features exceptional collections from the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive (HAPA), and includes talks and panel discussions throughout the duration of the show. The exhibit titled "Back to the Land: The Birth of Humboldt’s Counterculture Ideology” will showcase a collection of artworks which capture the spirit of the Back to the Land movement and the counterculture ideology that began in the late 1960s and grew into various projects and organizations that still flourish today. 

Ingrid Hart's work is deeply rooted in the Humboldt County community, and her artwork has become an iconic symbol of the region. The “Humboldt Honey'' poster, created in 1983, has become a symbol of the counterculture movement and has been reproduced for the first time in 40 years. Her artwork reflects the spirit of the movement, and represents a commentary on pop culture at the time. 

The Back to the Land movement of the 1960s and beyond was a significant cultural and social movement that shaped the way we think about the environment, agriculture, and community. The movement was a reaction to the perceived problems of urbanization, industrialization, and consumerism, and sought to reconnect people with the land and with each other. The Solstice Collective exhibit and the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive seek to capture the essence of this movement and celebrate its ongoing legacy.

The exhibit will be on display until October 31, 2023. Visit us at 240 E Street in Eureka to see it before it leaves for good!