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Maison Louis Marie has made natural fragrances for generations, now for your home as well as your body.

Local Makers

Shop the many wares of the talented artists and craftspeople of Humboldt County.
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Spring Cleaning

Sqwishful sustainable cleaning tools are good for your home and for the planet.
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Big Feels

The Feelings Print from Fun Fact Co. is a cute and inspired way to help identify feelings for all ages.
Lèmme Cashmere Mix Boat Neck Sweater
The Rosemary Linen Dress in Black: OS
Organic Laundry Soap
from $22.00
Can't Believe it's Not Cashmere Scarf
The Rosemary Linen Dress in White: OS
Fluorite statement necklace
The Discovery Set
Clarifying Milk Cleanser
Renewing Night Elixir

Maison Louis Marie No. 04 | Bois de Balincourt

Maison Louis Marie No. 04 | Bois de Balincourt
Maison Louis Marie No. 04 | Bois de Balincourt

Maison Louis Marie No. 04 | Bois de Balincourt

Regular price $60.00
Surrounded by an ancient mysterious forest, Balincourt is the name of our family home where we took long walks on a magical trail called 'Lover’s Lane'. This romantic scent is a Sandalwood fragrance with a dominant Cedarwood and Sandalwood accord that's supplemented by a spicy Cinnamon Nutmeg complex with an earthy Vetiver note.

Top note: Sandalwood, Cedarwood
Mid note: Vetiver, Nutmeg, Cinnamon
Base note: Amber Wood

Heavy Rotation

Get to know our MVP chili crisp and other quality FBJ goods.

Natural Skincare

Ethically made skincare, perfumes and body care products from local artisans and makers.

Deep Hydration Face Cream

Deep Hydration Face Cream

Deep Hydration Face Cream

Regular price $60.00

Indulge in a luxurious marine-based cream concentrated with vitamins, minerals and nutrients to transform dry, dull skin. Mānuka honey and kelp bioferment boost cellular hydration as they plump and tone your skin. Age-defying Vitamin B3 minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks enlarged pores and strengthens your natural barrier.


Sustainable Home

Living in harmony, without sacrificing quality.
Tie Dye Kits
Learn a new skill and get crafty with our DIY gift kits.
Ritual Items
Hand rolled Palo Santo incense for your home.

Artisans From Near & Far

The Solstice Collective rotates our goods seasonally from artists local to Humboldt County and beyond. All of our artists and craftspeople displayed are hand selected to be a part of our gallery and gift shop. If you're interested in applying as an artist, fill out our application here.

Fire Hot Pot Base
Botanical Tray
DIY Terrarium Kit
Black Compact Eco-Friendly Wind Resistant Umbrella
Organic Indigo Muslin Everything Scarf

Fun Fact Co. Would You Rather

Fun Fact Co. Would You Rather
Fun Fact Co. Would You Rather
Fun Fact Co. Would You Rather

Fun Fact Co. Would You Rather

Regular price $45.00

Would You Rather is an "either or" scenario game that presents different events from history and challenges players to decide what THEY would do. Learn more about your friends and family AND about history with this delightful exposé on some of history's most intriguing happenings.

Read the short historical story then ask the corresponding question. Will you choose to discover the cause of your own mysterious fate, or ponder whether you'd be better off living with chimpanzees or in a friendly wolf pack? Each prompt is based on real events, offering a fun twist on history and ethics. Perfect for curious minds 8+.

From high atop our horse, we work to source only sustainable materials for our products. Here's the rundown:

- FSC certified papers
- Non-toxic water-based inks
- 100% recycled card stock
- Carbon offset shipping
- We also compost at home

Fun & Games for the Whole Family

Fun Fact Co. is more than a trivia game, it's a chance to connect with friends and learn something new along the way!

Fine Art Within Reach

Explore fine art, infographics and other pieces of art to elevate your home without breaking the bank.
Botanical Trays
The perfect tray for your jewelry, keepsakes, or for your favorite candle.
Italian Leather Gloves
Fleece lined leather gloves are perfect for the Humboldt chill. Made in France.

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