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105 products

    105 products
    Fluorite statement necklace
    The Discovery Set
    Clarifying Milk Cleanser
    Renewing Night Elixir
    Botanical Relief Balm
    Deep Hydration Face Cream
    Bath Tub Sticker
    Microdosing Print
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    Terpene Molecular Structure Print
    Sold Out
    Terpene Profile Illustration Print
    Sold Out
    Terpene Flavor Wheel
    Red Ikebana Art Print
    Sold Out
    Terpene Infographic Poster
    Sold Out
    Wooden Hanging Rails
    The Edge of the Continent (Signed)
    Goldleaf Journal
    from $15.00
    Goldleaf Cards
    Handbound, Botanically Dyed Blank Notebooks
    Handmade Wooden Wall Hooks
    Best Birds Quail Card (Blank Inside)
    from $6.00
    Laser Engraved Ornaments
    from $5.00
    Quilted Pouch
    Will Suiter Greeting Cards
    Macrame Planter with Plant
    from $40.00
    Kôta Postcards
    from $15.00
    Loose Prints
    from $20.00
    Framed Print
    from $100.00
    Will Suiter Cutting Boards
    from $80.00
    Tree Adoption
    from $0.00
    Sold Out
    Hibi Incense
    from $13.00
    Ouid Kaleidoscope
    Tropicalismo No. 1
    Oriental Poppy and Ouid
    Icelandic Poppy and Ouid
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    Visit us in person to view the exhibit: Back to the Land, the Birth of Humboldt County's Counterculture featuring work from Ingrod Hart, Claire Weissbluth, HAPA (Humboldt Area People's Archive) and Friends of Sound.