Necessity, the Mother of Invention: How Solstice Got It's Start

This time last year would have been the first day of the Solstice Market. We put it together in ten days and managed to get a collection of artists and small businesses together to be a part of the market. Now, one year later and a lot wiser, we're celebrating the conclusion of our first month open in 2021. 

Solstice Pop-Up Holiday Market was born out of necessity. When we were in the midst of the pandemic, shops were opening and closing, markets were being cancelled, and the uncertainty hung in the air like our coastal fog. 

For small brands, makers and artists, this was such a huge disappointment. This is the time of year people depend on, sometimes to make their money for the year. 

That's why we decided to do something about it. We thought through the predicament: markets were being cancelled to avoid creating crowds, and many outdoor venues aren't very welcoming in the winter months. So, how could we reduce crowds and provide a safe indoor venue for local holiday shopping? 

The answer was pretty simple when it came down to it. We would rent a storefront for a limited amount of time and provide the space and staff to sell local vendors good for them. Thereby we could reduce the number of people in a space and still give people the opportunity to shop local for the holidays. We decided to host our first market for a month, to further avoid crowds and give people ample opportunity to shop the market instead of just being open during the weekends. 

Pop-up markets are commonplace in more metropolitan cities. It's an opportunity to use vacant storefronts in between long term leases and revitalize depressed neighborhoods while promoting a new brand, collaboration or experience. We're proud to bring this concept to Humboldt and aim to make it a seasonal tradition. 

The market was a huge success, and we're happy to be able to host our second market this year. Our new location at 422 First Street is even better than last year with new and old vendors participating. 

The addition of our online marketplace allows for even more convenience and exposure for our local artists. 

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you in the shop soon. This year we will be hosting workshops on Sundays and bring holiday cheer to Arts Alive. Come down and join us for the festivities before we close the show on December 24th.